Service conditions

General Service Conditions is a public offer, where ordering and payment are the acceptance.

Provider agrees to render services and Client agrees to use it within the frameworks of the following terms:

  1. The terms meet the international standards requirements.  
  2. Provider agrees to do everything in his power to provide hardware smooth operation and Client's round-the-clock access to the rendering services.  
  3. Client covenants to make full payments by the due date for the services ordered. In case Client has an unfavourable balance on his personal account, Provider collects 10% of penalty interest to all the rendering services.  
  4. Provider agrees to provide Clients privacy of data used for the rendering services managing.   
  5. Client can use the rendered services in his/her discretion for commercial or other activity not securing Provider's advance consent.  
  6. Using Provider's services for commercial or other activity Client striking a bargain with the third party is responsible for all the obligations and guarantees. Provider is not responsible for Client's activities results.   
  7. Client agrees to provide the privacy of logins and passwords used for services managing. Provider is not held liable for any damages before Client then the damages resulted in consequence of default on the obligation.   
  8. Client agrees not to infringe the copyright, trademark right, patent right, etc. Client agrees that all his/her files is to be corresponded to the criminal law and not to contain any kind of objectionable or offensive character. Provider reserves the right to abrogate any account unknown to a customer who implicitly intended to illegal activities. In this case Client incurs the liability to indemnify then the materials and hardware illegal usage affected Provider.   
  9. Hereunder Client agrees that all the published file pages are not to contain dirty or aggressive character or to be used for victimization; Client agrees allow of no interference in anybody's private life, propagate any computer virus or be used for purposes of harassment. Client as the party responsible for its publications and its behavior on the web shall be required to indemnify the provider in respect of all complaints resulting from the publication of illegal content. Provider may, with or without notice, stop any account if Client deems to be making illegal use of it.   
  10. The use or distribution of E-mail address lists for mailings not wanted by their addressees is strictly prohibited. Provider reserves the right to cancel the account of Client if the latter engages in this type of activity. Client agrees to indemnify Provider in respect of any prejudice resulting from the abuse of E-mail.   
  11. Provider shall retain control and ownership of all the IP addresses assigned to Client. Provider reserves the right to change or withdraw any IP address.   
  12. Client retain control and ownership of its domain name. Provider shall have no rights of ownership over the domain names lodged on its servers. Provider shall guarantee that no domain names will be transferred from Client to Provider.   
  13. Provider is not held liable for any damage arising from use or misuse by Client for any reason.   
  14. Provider reserves the right to forbid the performance of Client scripts causing an overload of system or bringing any damage to work of the server software.   
  15. On Client request Provider undertakes to give advices on technical questions, however Provider does not bear the responsibility for damage or losses suffered as a result of erroneous understanding by Client of such advices.   
  16. Provider undertakes to ensure confidentiality of the information used for management of the services given.  
  17. Provider undertakes by means of email beforehand to notify Client on the termination of the paid period of the ordered services and necessity to pay the renewal invoice. Provider has the right to block and remove afterwards all Client’s resources if the payment is not made by the due date. The Client’s resources will be automatically removed 14 days after the Client’s personal account has run out of money. The data will be kept for three days upon suspension of the dedicated server. 
  18. Allocation of resourse-intensive chats (jimbots and alike) is strongly prohibited in all the tariff plans. In case of failure to comply with this requirement, server is removed, account is blocked and money left on personal account IS NOT refunded.